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The Slender Man: Directed by Michael Davis. With Michael Pool, Michael Davis, Vicki Davis, Hannah Mattingly. While investigating an unsolved missing persons case a young film student encounters an ancient evil that lives deep in the woods of a small town named Craven Based on the character 'Slender Man' created by Eric 'Victor Surge' Knudsen (This non-profit film is a work of fiction)NOW ON YOUTUBE Feature Film Link: http.. Slender Man (2013 film) Adam Hartley as Chase Anders Madeleine Rouse as Emma Anders Eric Warrington as Hank Bennett Bill Finkbiner as Kyle Hudson Colleen Malone as Tammy Sarah Baker as Karen Bennett Collin Cudney and Kyle Cudney as Danny Bennet Kylie Cudney as Ashley Summers Alex Eads as Dann

Hello, hello! Time to take a look at another Slender Man movie, to see if we can find one better than the recent 2018 film! This lovely little gem was releas.. The Slender Man. 2013. 2 Reviews 100+ Ratings. You might also like Sony Pictures' movie based on the Slender Man internet meme falls short of its source material's scary potential with a. The Slender Man was the antagonist of the season 3 Lost Girl episode SubterrFaenean, in which the Slender Man was said to be the basis for the Pied Piper legend. [68] [69] In early 2013 a song and animated video called Sympathy For Slender Man from the Fox late night animated block Animation Domination High-Def aired in between programs. Slender Man is a 2018 American supernatural horror film directed by Sylvain White and written by David Birke, based on the character of the same name.The film stars Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Alex Fitzalan, and Taylor Richardson, with Javier Botet as the title character.. Development of the film began in May 2016, with Birke hired to write the script and.

The Slender Man. 3.0 691. Отметить просмотренным 18 февраля 2013 Slender Man je první - a doufám, že i poslední -.výjimkou. Nezáživné, bez jakýchkoliv momentů překvapení, s otravnými postavami a nijakým scénářem. Nuda, nuda, šeď, šeď. A přitom má fenomén Slender Mana hodně vysoký potenciál. (31.03.2013 The Slender Man is a 2014 psychological horror film produced by Lions Gate Entertainment and starring John Lithgow as the titular Slender Man. The film incorporates many aspects of the Slender Man mythos, including content from the Something Awful forums, various CreepyPasta stories, the Slender video games, and the Marble Hornets series. The film takes place in two time periods: the present.

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After 204 backers ponied up $11,012 to make the movie a reality, The Slender Man was unleashed free of charge on the Internet in February of 2013. Some might consider it rude or ill-spirited to criticize a movie released for free, but free does not exempt an entertainment product from quality standards The Slender Man (2013) - Wysoka, niewyraźna postać bez twarzy i ubrana w garnitur podejrzewana jest o niedawne uprowadzenia dzieci Slender: The Arrival is the official videogame adaption of Slender Man, developed in collaboration with Eric Victor Surge Knudson, creator of the paranormal phenomenon that has been terrifying the curious-minded around the world since its inception, with Mark Hadley and Blue Isle Studios. Back in 2012, Mark Hadley ( AgentParsec) created a.

The game was released in the year 2013 and quickly gained a large following as several popular Youtubers uploaded Let's Play videos of it. It scored an impressive 9 out of 10 stars on the renowned gaming platform Steam and three out of five from Metacritic.com. But the main reason for Slender Man's popularity is, ironically enough, the. Slenderman Chronicles: Stories of Encounters with Slender: 24 Terrifying Real Stories of people's encounters with Slender Man by John Gordon | Mar 1, 2013 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 May 30, 2014: Hatching the Planu0003. Anissa Weier introduced Morgan Geyser to Slender Man fan fiction in Dec. 2013, according to the criminal complaint. Over the next few months, the two planned. The Slender Man es una película dirigida por Anthony Meadows con Adam Hartley, Madeleine Rouse, Eric Warrington, Collin Cudney. Año: 2013. Título original: The Slender Man. Sinopsis

Slender Title. This article is about the video game. For the entity, see Slender Man.. Slender (known as Slender: The Eight Pages as of v0.9.7) is an independently-developed concept game based on the Slender Man mythos. The game centers around an unknown character being chased by the Slender Man in the woods while seeking eight pages scattered about various landmarks Slender Man became very popular after that and the number of pictures and stories about him exploded. The idea of Slender Man struck a nerve because it tapped into something we all experience, that spooky feeling that something is there in the shadows stalking you, just out of view. It was nice to have a name for it, even if it was terrifying The Follower: The Slender Man Documentary (2013) Found footage film and mockumentary where a team of South Australian filmmakers sought to tell the story of the Ashman family, a missing persons case that was never solved, and the answer found them. Is the mythical being, Slenderman, behind the missing persons?. The Slender Man is a being male in appearance who looks like a man with extremely long, slender arms and legs. He also appears to have 4 to 8 long, black tentacles that protrude from his back, though different photographs and enthusiasts disagree on this fact, and therefore it is theorized he can 'contract' these tentacles at will

The Follower: The Slender Man Documentary (2013) Videos is a horror found footage film. Found footage films, movie trailers, and reviews at Found Footage Critic The Slender Man Movie. 11,407 likes. The first ever feature-length Slender Man movie from Kickstarter. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. This is a new short film (2013) about an up and coming film blogger covering one of the biggest film festivals in the world: Sundance. During all ten days of.. In it, Matt is driven pretty much insane, possibly due to PSTD, but likely due more to encounters with the Slender Man. He is implied to have been ultimately strangled to death by Slendy. Logan, likewise, goes insane and runs off before eventually becoming another victim. That's the gist of what exactly it is that he does The sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival, was released in 2013. A horror movie about the Slender Man, Entity, was released in 2013. Another, The Slender Man, was released free online. On August 10, 2018, another movie about the character, Slender Man, directed by Sylvain White, was released

The Slender MAN Game,rs. 16 likes. slender THE SLENDER MAN. Directed by. Anthony Meadows. United States, 2013. Horror. 78. Synopsis. A tall, shadowy figure with a blank face and a suit is thought to be behind recent disappearances of children. Synopsis. A tall, shadowy figure with a blank face and a suit is thought to be behind recent disappearances of children The Slender Man, known as The Operator in the series, stalks the director of a simple short film he is making for his college project. The director's sanity wanes as the creature manipulates the director's technology and watches from afar. February 22, 2013 at 6:28 pm Slender Man is not an alien!!! He was once in love, but someone.

Online film ingyen: The Slender Man (2013) - Regisztráció nélküli, gyors filmnézés, ingyen! Rengeteg online teljes film adatlap Be The Slender Man V3 Aug 16 2013 Full Version 7 comments. This is the new version of the game, some bugs fixed and now you can teleport by pressing ENTER - only work in some places. Be The Slender Man Aug 3 2013 Full Version 8 comments. This is the full version of the game, thanks for downloading it!. In 2013, the first-person horror video game, Slender: The Arrival, premiered as the commercial successor of the free-to-play indie game, Slender: The Eight Pages. The story of Slender Man was now for sale — tarnishing the home-grown appeal of its origins

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A 2014 episode of the television show Supernatural saw the main characters on the trail of a malevolent photo-lurking entity known as the Thin Man. Marble Hornets, a Slender Man web series, has over 55 million views on YouTube, and a Marble Hornets movie entered production in the spring of 2013 Small-town best friends Hallie, Chloe, Wren and Katie go online to try and conjure up the Slender Man -- a tall, thin, horrifying figure whose face has no discernible features. Two weeks later. The Gray Man VS Slender Man. September 28, 2013 by vapeil. 2. The Slender Man was created in a contest launched on the Something Awful forums on June 8, 2009, with the goal of editing photographs to contain supernatural entities. On June 10, a forum poster with the user name Victor Surge contributed two black and white images of groups of. The Slender Man (also known as Slender Man or Slenderman) is a fictional character that was created by user Victor Surge on the Something Awful forums in 2009. He is depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and featureless pure white, bald face, and wearing a black suit with tie. He is claimed to be able to increase his height at.

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  1. The Slender Man is a film directed by Anthony Meadows with Adam Hartley, Madeleine Rouse, Eric Warrington, Collin Cudney. Year: 2013. Original title: The Slender Man. Synopsis: The film tells the story of four characters who become intertwined with the Slender Man during a string of child kidnappings
  2. The Slender Man's appearance in Lost Girl. In 2013, Slender Man appeared as the antagonist of an episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl, making him the first creepypasta character to appear on television.The episode portrayed him as a corrupt Light Fae who served as the basis for the Pied Piper legend through his use of mesmerizing music to hypnotize humans and other Fae in order.
  3. On May 31, 2014, a man on a morning bicycle ride in Waukesha, Wisconsin happened upon a young girl laying in the grass, drenched in her own blood. As he would soon find out, this 12-year-old was Payton Leutner, the survivor of the Slender Man stabbing. The day before, Leutner had been celebrating her best friend's birthday
  4. Because Slender Man was developed collaboratively, by a community of anonymous contributors, that mythos is spotty and varied — much like a more organic urban legend would be. In some stories.
  5. Be The Slender Man V3 Aug 16 2013 Full Version 7 comments. This is the new version of the game, some bugs fixed and now you can teleport by pressing ENTER - only work in some places
  6. The Slender Man in the skies of Bellisseria. The character also became the inspiration for an independent first-person survival horror video game now called Slender: The Eight Pages. It is this game that in turn forms the inspiration for this new Second Life experience, located within the Log Homes regions of Bellisseria, and which forms a.

One of the girls told detectives the plan had started to take shape as early as December 2013. The other girl said it was her friend who convinced her that Slender Man would harm the pair's. The Follower: The Slender Man Documentary (2013) Videos is a horror found footage film. Found footage films, movie trailers, and reviews at Found Footage Critic Una película dirigida por Sylvain White con Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso. Según se cuenta, Slender Man es una aterradora figura, muy alta, delgada, con brazos.

Added a subtitle to the game (The Eight Pages) to differentiate it from future versions. Improved main menu and added music to it. Also now includes links to Slender Man info and YouTube series X - He's Always Watching 2013. Alternative titles: The Slender Man, The Slender Man Movie . Directed by AJ Meadows. The Slender Man 2012. Directed by Braeden Orr. Proxy: A Slender Man Story 2012. Directed by Mike Diva. Curse of the Slender Man 2014. weB UNfREInDed SLendeR maN DAr Про фільм - Слэндермэн / The Slender Man (2013): Смотреть онлайн Слэндермэн - Міські легенди про «Слэндермэне» об'єднують приватного детектива, скорботного батька і брата з сестрою, оскільки кожне з них розслідувань пов. Sekuel Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival, dirilis pada tahun 2013 Beberapa film independen tentang Slender Man telah dirilis atau sedang dalam pengembangan, termasuk Entity dan The Slender Man, dirilis secara online dengan Gratis setelah harga sebelumnya, yaitu $ 10.000 その後、『Slenderman's Shadow』 や、ダウンロードされたアプリのランキングで2位となったiOS 用の『Slender Man』など 、バリエーション作品に人気が出た。2013年には、『Slender: The Eight Pages』の続編として『Slender: The Arrival』が発表された

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  1. Slender Man's Info. 4/16/2013 20 Comments The Slender Man was created at the Something Awful Forums in a thread entitled Create Paranormal Images. He is described as wearing a black suit strikingly similar to the visage of the notorious Men In Black, and as the name suggests, appears very thin and able to stretch his limbs and torso to.
  2. i don't know why people are saying that slender games are getting boring, i find them really fun and quite thrilling, excited for the game man, hope to be able to make a video of it :) Reply Good karma Bad karma 0 vote
  3. The Slender Man by Rellim, released 23 July 2013 1. Intro To The Slender Man (Prod. by Rellim) 2. Evil Presence (Prod. by Rellim) 3. Bitchez Snitchin' (Prod. by Rellim) 4. Trapped In A Storm (Prod. Rellim X DCbb) 5. Make U Bustaz Gone (Prod. by Rellim) 6. Killin' Spree (Prod. by Rellim) 7. Fuckin' Wit Da Killaz (Prod. by Rellim) 8
  4. ded around the world since its inception, with Mark Hadley and Blue Isle Studios
  5. Slender Man (někdy též Slenderman) je fiktivní nadpřirozená postava, která vznikla jako internetová creepypasta vytvořená uživatelem Ericem Knudsenem (známým též jako Victor Surge) na fóru Something Awful v roce 2009. Je popisován jako vyzáblá, nepřirozeně vysoká humanoidní postava v černém obleku a bez obličeje, a ve svých příbězích obvykle pronásleduje.
  6. ation High-Def ) 》(ADHD)中有一首歌和一段動畫影片名為「同情瘦長人」(暫譯, Sympathy For Slender Man )
  7. Anissa says she introduced Morgan to Slender Man around October 2013. At the time, all three girls were in their first year at a new middle school; Anissa and Morgan were socially isolated, but.

Cosplay Slender Man vào năm 2013. Học giả truyền thông kiêm nhà văn hóa dân gian Andrew Peck cho rằng Slender Man thành công là do tính cộng tác cao của nó. Bởi vì đặc điểm và động cơ của nó bị chôn vùi trong bí ẩn nên người dùng có thể sửa lại dụ pháp và hình tượng Slender. Slender Man is a mythical creature often depicted as being tall and thin, wearing a black suit with a white shirt and necktie, and having a blank face. Since its first appearance on Something Awful in June 2009, the urban legend has inspired a prolific volume of fan artworks, fictional creepypastas and mockumentary web series Slender. Slender Man serves as the titular main antagonist of the 2012 horror video game Slender: The Eight Pages and its 2013 remake/sequel Slender: The Arrival.Here it stalks Oakside Park and hunts down victims that collect its pages.The depiction of Slender Man in these games is credited with helping shape the Slender Man mythos, including the static effect that occurs when Slender Man is. La secuela de Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival, fue lanzada en 2013. Varias películas independientes sobre el Slender Man han sido estrenadas o están en desarrollo, incluyendo Entity y The Slender Man , publicada gratis en línea después de una campaña de diez mil dólares de Kickstarter 主营产品:This Is the End (2013) IMDb This Is the End (2013) IMDb ,imdb上的slender man Slender Man (2018) imdb上的slender man Slender Man (2018) 海外婚礼,巴厘岛婚礼 所在地: 天津市 和平

imdb上的slender man Slender Man (2018) imdb上的slender man Slender Man (2018) ,Under the Dome (TV Series 2013 ndash 2015) IMDb Under the Dome (TV Series 2013 ndash 2015) IMD On Running Man; On Running Hk Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview. Uncategorized, Watch. Direct Slender Man (2018) BrRip 1080p 720p x264 MKV. 1080p, 2018, 720p, Bluray, Horror, MKV, Mystery, Thriller, Watch. Direct You Were Never Really Here (2017) WEB-DL 1080p 720p MKV Collaborative - Slovenian translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples. English - Slovenian Translator The Slender Man Effect. 05/04/2013 by ChiarOscuro-MSA. 0. With the recent release of Slender: The Arrival, the 'sequel' to the worldwide phenomenon that was Slender: The Eight Pages, players can dive back into the gaming experience which has inspired numerous clones, inspired many upcoming titles and has become a worldwide phenomenon, with.

Slender Man is the titular main antagonist of the 2012 horror video game Slender: The Eight Pages and its 2013 remake/sequel Slender: The Arrival. It is a tall, pale, faceless humanoid that stalks Oakside Park, torturing and murdering its inhabitants The Slender Man, if nothing else, is a modern twist on traditional folkore and urban legends. The Tupla Effect Even in the early days of the Slender Man, though, people wondered if his popularity would have a strange effect, suggesting that this creature of myth may very well become a tulpa, something real The Slender Man avaliado por quem mais entende de cinema, o público. Faça parte do Filmow e avalie este filme você também The Slender Man (2013) • pliki użytkownika niki509 przechowywane w serwisie Chomikuj.pl • The.Slender.Man.2013.1080p.BRip.mk Slender Man stabbing girl to be committed. Published 21 December 2017 'Slender Man girl' pleads insanity. Published 20 August 2016. The origins of Slender Man. Published 11 June 2014

For one, the deliberate production of the Slender Man using motifs of the legend genre gives it a more precise function than simply that of general folklore (Tolbert 2013, 2). 3 In fact, the process of reverse ostension which created the Slender Man is comparable to the genre of Conceptual Poetry discussed by Nealon. Just as Goldsmith and. 2013 • 1 song. Play on Spotify. 1. The Slender Man - Original Mix. 5:30 0:30. More by Dark Forces. The Slenderman, Pt. 3. Eternity. The Slenderman (Dj Wyld Remix) SMD (Suck My Dick) The Slender Man Part 2. More Dark Forces. Listen to The Slender Man now Slender Man is a Creepypasta creation—and not at all real. In 2009, Slender Man was given life in a spooky corner of the Internet called Creepypasta. A supernatural meme created as part of a Photoshop contest by Something Awful forum user Eric Knudsen (screen name Victor Surge), Slender Man is a faceless, spindly specter who stalks children. The Slender Man will kind ofcause these rifts between these universes to blend. Distorts space and time. Allows interaction. Now, imagine that every universe consists of a cup filled with a different type of liquid. When these dimensions interact, it's like pouring one cup into another and mixing it together. 2013 at 5:09 PM. No.

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The Slender Man has also inspired many stories such as those of Marble Hornets. In the end, though, his purpose remains unknown. An interesting take on Slender Man by a pasta member who is relying on the Marble Hornets series for evidence/facts: There has been a big misconception about my pal the Slender Man due to the appearance of this. Slender: The Arrival is a first-person, survival horror game. The game is described as a re-imagining and expansion of Slender: The Eight Pages. The story is told through pages you find in the game. All the while, the Slender Man is hunting you

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The sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival, was released in 2013. Several independent films about the Slender Man have been released or are in development, including Entity and The Slender Man, released free online after a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign Lately I've been fascinated with the Slender Man. Okay, not so much lately. More like for a long while now. It's only been recently that I've been doubly psyched with the Slender Man, enough to write a post about him anyway. I blame that on the fact that I saw a really awesome and totall Writer/Director/Drunk Guest - Michael Piscioneri grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University before moving to Chicago to study improvisation at Second City, and perform in theaters around town. Once in Los Angeles, he has been working in theatre, film & television and is the Creative Director of Project Blackfish Productions as well as the Writer/Director of The Slender. Slender Man is an eight foot skinny ghost like creature in a suit. His face is covered in a white sheet, giving him no facial features (until he shows his razor sharp teeth) and a ghost like presence. In the mythology of Slender Man, when he is stalking you, he hangs back far in the woods until he is noticed The Real Slender Man Game. Collect 8 pages. May not work on older devices with 480x320 resolution. Finally, the original Slender Man horror game has been recreated for an Android. Stunning 3D Graphics, amazingly realistic sounds and of course the real horrifying Slender Man, that's what you're about to get - the best horror game there is

Slender: The Eight Pages is another low-budget indie title that takes the Slender Man myth as its inspiration and attempts to weave it into a survival horror game. Unfortunately, while this one shares the strong atmosphere of previous attempts, it falls down in the same ways as other games, in that it fails to provide any meaningful gameplay to. Beware the Slenderman. 2016. 2021. 1. Beware the Slenderman examines a 2014 stabbing in which two 12-year-old girls brutally attacked another girl in the woods. This incident drew particular attention for the connection to the Slender Man, a fictional figure popular in online horror communities. The perpetrators allegedly carried out the attack.

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The Slender Man tale is fairly well known at this point with its explosion of fans on the Internet. First came the story in 2009 by a member of the Something Awful forums, then eventually came the videogame adaptation with Slender: The Eight Pages. When it was released, it was a free PC game create Slender: The Arrival is a video game developed and published by Blue Isle Studios as a sequel to Parsec Productions's Slender: The Eight Pages.It was released on Microsoft Windows and OS X on March 26, 2013. A Steam release was released on October 28, 2013. The game is also planned to be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the second fiscal quarter of 2014 A Slender 1 folytatása. Az előző résszel ellentétben, a folytatás öt pályára van felosztva, azon belül pedig ellenőrzőpontokra, így nem kell a legelejéről kezdeni. A játékban már nem a Slender man az egyedüli ellenfél. A grafika javult a Slender 1 hez képest, a feladat is bővült. A második rész 2013. március 26-án. Being close to him elicits 'Slender Sickness', which prompts bouts of amnesia, nightmares, coughing, nosebleeds, paranoid behaviour and irrational acts of violence. Anissa discovered Slender Man online at a time when she felt particularly isolated. She was infatuated by the folk figure. Around October 2013, Anissa introduced Morgan to Slender Man

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And so the Slender Man came to the interwebz. He quickly caught the attention of several websites, the most notable being 4chan. He spread to Unfiction Forums, Fangoria, Bungie, /x/enopedia, TVTropes, DeviantArt, SlenderNation, and Mythical Creatures Guide. This sparked the first of many pseudo-documentaries concerning the Slender Man Slender Man is the subject of alternate reality games, wiki pages and numerous Slenderblogs. There's also a series of YouTube videos that follow the Slender Man myth in Blair Witch-esque short. Der Slender Man (dt. Schlanker Mann), auch Slenderman geschrieben und manchmal kurz Slender genannt, ist ein fiktives Wesen der Internetkultur, ähnlich dem Kunekune und Hanako, dem Klogeist. Er wurde 2009 für einen Internet-Fotowettbewerb erfunden und trat anschließend als Meme in Fotos, Videos, Liedern, mehreren Computerspielen und in dem gleichnamigen Kinofilm Slender Man. Slender Man was posted June 10th, 2009 on page 3, and by page 6 most of the posts in the thread had become users discussing their excitement at the concept of Slender Man, what mediums they would. Слендермен (англ. The Slender Man, Slenderman), также Слендер (англ. Slender), Тонкий (Тощий, Высокий) человек, Оператор (в Marble Hornets) — персонаж, созданный участником интернет-форума Something Awful в 2009 году в подражание персонажам городских.

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Slender Man is a 2018 American supernatural horror film directed by Sylvain White and written by David Birke, based on the character of the same name. The film stars Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair and Annalise Basso, with Javier Botet as the titular creature. The film was announced in May 2016, and much of the cast signed on a year later. Filming took place inAyer. Slender Man ou Slenderman (de l'anglais « homme élancé », « homme mince » ou encore « homme svelte ») est un personnage de fiction issu d'un mème Internet, créé sur le forum Something Awful (en) par Victor Surge en 2009. Il est rapidement devenu à son tour un mème Internet et a été repris dans de nombreuses créations. D'ailleurs, il est aujourd'hui considéré comme une des.

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A Slender Man video game arrived in 2012 titled Slender: The Eight Pages. It was downloaded 2 million times in its first month. Various versions of the game followed, including a 2013 sequel. Several independent Slender Man movies have been released or are in development Manically dashing through the forest and trying to snag all eight pieces of paper before the creepy Slender Man finds you remains a surprisingly unnerving experience. Cut to spring of 2013, and we. The survival horror genre gets another gem in the form of Slender: The Arrival, one of the most terrifying games in recent memory. The Good Impeccable atmosphere Genuine psychological horror Creative presentation of narrative Excellent pacing. The Bad Control nuisances lead to frustration. For years, conventional thought has said that the survival horror genr The Entity é o primeiro filme com cache baseado totalmente no mito (ou creepypasta) do famoso Slender Man, o pedófilo sem rosto. O filme está programado para ser lançado em Outubro de 2013. Confira o teaser trailer do filme: O filme conta a história de Casey Hudges e alguns de seus amigos, que viajam par

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When is the last time you heard the title Slender in a video game? For most of you, it may have been back in 2012 or 2013, when the Slender Man was a very popular trope in gaming. But with a Slender Man movie on the horizon and an official game reboot following it - it's only a matter of time before the character becomes popular once again Posts about Slender written by :{) MIKI (}: Best machinimas Slender All posts tagged Slender. Slender Man vs. Insanity Wolf - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES. Posted by :{) MIKI (}: on 2016 június 18. Posted in: Animációk, Zenék. Tagged: animeme, ANIMEME on 2013 október 31. Posted in: Animációk, Egyéb. Tagged: Gaming with Gaylord, Slender.

Who wants a Slender Man plush toy? - Nerd ReactorTape 8VICTIM - Student Award Winning Short Horror Film (Based onSLENDER-TUBBIES D: - Slender Tubbies Indie Horror gameSlenderman Papercraft by demonreapergirl on DeviantArt